Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SharePoint Designer 2010 Reusable Workflows with Lookup Values

When you create a Reusable Workflow in SharePoint Designer 2010, that uses lookup values, and you try to deploy it in another environment, the lookup values will get broken.

This is happening because the list you are reading the lookup values from has another Guid.

Here is what I came up with to make this deployment easier:
  1. Deploy the reusable workflow in the new environment.
  2. Open the site you have deployed the workflow solution in SharePoint Designer
  3. Go to the related list (List and Libraries > Your Related List Name) and copy the new List ID value.
  4. Go to All Files > Workflows >  Your Workflow NameYour Workflow Name.xoml and open it in SharePoint Designer as XML (right click on it > Open with > SharePoint Designer (Open as XML))
  5. Find an  and you will find the old list guid in the ListId attribute 
  6. Replace the old guid value with the new one
  7. Save it and close the window.

The workflow should be pointing to the correct list.

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